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How can I get the Alkimi stickers on Telegram?

Just double click (on deskop) or tap (on mobile) on someone else's sticker that is posted and click "add stickers".

Where can I follow Alkimi on Social?

You can follow us on:

What are the Alkimi channel rules?

⛔️ Admins will never PM you first

⛔️ You must have a visible user picture

⛔️ Posting FUD links will not be tolerated

⛔️ Do not share any referral links or spam

⛔️ No promoting other projects in the channel

⛔️ No discussion of price, save it for Traders.

⛔️ No abuse of other community members or sharing of explicit content

⛔️ Admins ruling is final on all transgressions

First strike is typically a mute, second is a ban. We don't want to be heavy handed, but a positive community needs positive people.

Where can I discuss price and trading strategies?

If you're interested in trading strategies and price chats then please join the $ADS Traders channel

Someone messaged me claiming to be an Admin offering to help, should I trust them?

Scammers will imitate admins and team member profiles. Admins will NEVER message you first so if you are DM’d by someone, assume they are fraudulent. To talk directly to an Admin, please click on their name in the channel, if they have “admin” beside it and message directly. Stay vigilant!

Why can't we discuss pricing in the community Telegram channel?

Companies are typically not allowed to make forward-looking statements about how the business will fare in the future, without heavy caveats. Nor can they comment on what effect this might have on their stock price - as that is essentially leading the market into acting based on speculation not reality. As a rule they can only report on what is happening now, or has happened in the past. So in an official channel of a tokenised crypto business, talking about what the token price might be introduces legal jeopardy - and none of want our favourite crypto companies to get hit with an SEC lawsuit…that’d do really terrible things for the token price. 😉 So the “traders” channel is an unofficial channel not run by the team/project where individuals can speculate freely.

What is an Alkimi supporter called?

An Alkimist.