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How can I see all of the minted AlExs?​

Please be aware there is a fake AlEx the Alkimist collection on OpenSea. If you’re looking to buy then only buy from the official collection: link

How can i see the AlEx NFT I minted?​

They will appear in the NFT section of Metamask mobile (but not desktop). Stargazer themselves currently don’t show NFTs in the wallet. You can also you can see it on the AlEx website, or on somewhere like if you connect your wallet.

What does having an AlEx NFT get me?​

If you get one of the 500 particularly rare NFTs it will give you a staking $ADS bonus. But all NFTs will give you access to the AlEx into the Metaverse game - link - as well as other benefits like VIP telegram/discord rooms, access to the Ad-verse newsletter, etc for extra alpha.

Can I know what NFT I will get before I mint?​

No. It's randomly generated at the point of minting from the various attributes. It doesn't exist till it's in your wallet.

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Does minting for NFTs have a deadline?​

As long as you staked 10K $ADS or more before the enrolment period for the original 12-month Staking Pool closed on Lattice, you can mint your NFT(s) at any point - there are no plans to close this at this stage.

How can I sell my AlEx NFT without listing it?​

If you have minted an AlEx (lucky you!) be sure to check out OpenSea to see if anyone has placed an offer on your NFT - link You can accept offers without needing to list. Of course, we wouldn't recommend selling AlEx unless you have plenty to spare!

If I sell/buy an AlEx NFT which has an $ADS bonus - who gets it?​

The $ADS bonus goes to the wallet originally used to stake and mint the NFT - not subsequent owners.

Where can I play the AlEx into the MetaVerse game?​

Go to the AlEx the Alkimist site: link and connect the wallet you staked with.

Can I stake my NFTs?​

There's no staking of NFTs. There was staking of $ADS, which unlocked NFT minting for those who staked over 10K $ADS tokens. But that staking pool has now ended. The current staking pools can be found on Alkimi Labs here: link. Upcoming pools are announced in our Announcements channel and on Twitter.

How do I get an AlEx NFT?​

Currently only those who staked more than 10K $ADS tokens on Lattice can mint an NFT. Of the 3000 that can exist, 500 come with $ADS bonuses.

Were can I mint my NFT?​

If you staked more than 10K $ADS tokens in the December 2021 pool, you are entitled to mint one for every 10K $ADS tokens staked. Go to the AlEx the Alkimist site: link and connect the wallet you staked with (MetaMask and Stargazer only supported, sorry). The button will then change to say "Claim Your NFT" - click this. Give the page a moment to load and for the transaction to take place. You will then be taken to the page with your NFT(s).

What Alkimi NFTs exist?​

NFTs have been distributed these ways:

  1. Alex NFT - Limited collection of 3000. Available only to those who staked more than 10K $ADS tokens in the December '21 pool. Most are now minted by these stakers. You can see them on opensea here: link If none are listed for sale, you could put a bid on one there.
  2. Alexa NFT - Collection of female versions of Alex - only airdropped to those who entered the Intl Women's day competition. They're visible on opensea here: link
  3. Elemental NFTs - Airdropped to people who staked in the original and latest Lattice pool. They're on opensea here: link
  4. Mutant NFTs - created by those who combined their Alex NFT with an Elemental NFT on Polygon. They're on opensea here: link

What can I do with my NFT in the Telegram channel?​

We have @alkimi_bot who will supports our NFT initiatives on Telegram. It currently has two commands:

/show item#

/compare item# item#

Just type the command into the channel and input the number of your NFT (found in your metamask). We'll be adding more functionality over time.