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What will the APY be for staking ADS when the exchange is live?โ€‹

This will depend on the utilisation of the network so can't be determined in advance, sorry. The multiple pools allow $ADS Token Holders to make semi-active investment decisions and optimise the profit they make off staking without having to trade their tokens. Or opt for a more passive and less optimised strategy. In general, as with all staking, your rewards will be proportional to the total amount staked so again it will be dependent on future factors that can't be determined now. (tl;dr can't say, you can shift between pools if you want to optimise, or take it easy and stick to one to be passive and earn easily.)

Can I see a demo/MVP?โ€‹

This video goes into details on how ad inventory and ad bids work in a demo of Alkimi's approach - link

What "blockchain" is Alkimi planning on using?โ€‹

If you want to know more about the "blockchain" that Alkimi will be using then it is Constellation, you can check out their website here: link Why constellation? The magic is in Constellation's Hypergraph network that is the first to be able to allow this ultra fast bid-offer process to take place transparently on a blockchain for the first time rather than opaquely through an existing and exchange where it can't be audited for accuracy and cost efficiency.

What clients/customers does Alkimi have?โ€‹

The Exchange is not yet live (see the Whitepaper roadmap), so they can't onboard clients. However we heard very fruitful conversations have been had with major advertisers, and given the founders experience and connections in the industry we'd expect them to announce some big clients when the time is right.

Does Alkimi have any patents?โ€‹

There are currently no patents - the beauty of Alkimi is that it isnโ€™t proprietary as such. Its uses open standards to make itself interoperable with existing ad exchanges and allow buy/sell-side servers to plug into it without new development. Only when these advertisers/publishers do so they will get the benefits of massively lower fees and greater transparency. How they do that is unique and they may develop patentable ideas along the way, but for launch, the focus is creating an ad exchange that can easily onboard as much of the $ 500+ billion programmatic market as possible. Interoperability will drive adoption, not being proprietary. Other solutions which have tried to force billion-dollar businesses in this space to change how they operate fundamentally have failed as a result. Itโ€™s like Facebook - did they patent anything fundamental to start the business? No - they launched on the web using web standards. They grew through a strong onboarding programme (university by university etc). Along the way, they developed some proprietary and patentable tech to do what they do - but the foundations are the open web and driving adoption.

Why aren't the team doing more to market Alkimi and/or $ADS?โ€‹

The team are advertising industry veterans. They know their audience - theyโ€™re talking to them every day: publishers and advertisers who will be running hundreds of milllions of $s through the network, which will earn holders (like you?) massive staking APY. Would you rather they spent their time ensuring that happens, or flattering coin shillers? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Take a ticket.

How are Node operators incentivised to run a state channel on Constellation network for Alkimi?โ€‹

In order for the Alkimi exchange to operate it needs network nodes to run its state channel and provide sufficient throughput that advertisers and publishers can trade in real-time. The more advertisers and traffic there are, the more "bandwidth" AlEx will require. In order to incentivise nodes to run the state channel, the exchange requires a liquidity pool of $ADS tokens to reward them. People who stake and therefore loan tokens for bandwidth will eventually get rewarded with a percentage of the fees charged to advertisers. That will be up to 25% of all income derived from the network so will be a very significant APY. This is one of the main long-term payoffs for $ADS holders, as well as the token price appreciation, of course, that comes with this increased demand for it to be utilised here.

When and how will $ADS transition from Ethereum to Constellation's L_0 token?โ€‹

In line with the Alkimi and Constellation mainnet launch roadmap. When the transition occurs holders will be given plenty of notice and in particular a process for stakers will be created and communicated. Stay tuned to the Alkimi announcements channel.