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Where can I stake my $ADS?

The latest Staking Pools can be found on Alkimi Labs here The roadmap for Alkimi is primarily about staking the $ADS token in order to be rewarded with a percentage of the fees paid by advertisers who use the ad exchange when it launches. This is detailed in the whitepaper in more depth. Other initiatives may be announced, if you stay tuned here and the announcements channel you'll be first to know.

Where can I see my staking rewards?

For Lattice: If you connect your wallet and login to Lattice where you staked, you can see your rewards total. This pool has now ended, so you should claim rewards and/or unstake. link

For Alkimi Labs: you can see all staking pools here Log into your account and connect your wallet(s) to see the rewards you have earned for each pool.

When can I unstake my Lattice Exchange staking?

For those who staked in Dec '21 and are still staked... the pool has come to an end after a year. You can now go to Lattice and unstake, which will also claim any rewards you are due. link

Why does Staking require KYC?

Blockpass are a service that provides independent KYC. All they do is let Alkimi know you are who you say you are. No one is taking your data, storing it, or doing anything more than what they say they are. It's not like a website taking your activity data and selling it to advertisers or any of that like. And Alkimi and Blockpass are completely transparent in terms of what data they require and what they do with it. The future isn't about no one knowing anything about you, it's about you having a clear say in who knows what and being able to get a clear benefit from what you do provide to them. That's exactly what this is doing, using a service to prove your identity so you can stake your $ADS and get rewards. A pretty good exchange! If you're simply trying to avoid taxes through decentralisation that's a totally different thing and has nothing to do with transparency or data sovereignty and has never been part of Alkimi's proposition. Alkimi is a legitimate business dealing with other large enterprise customers who live in the fiat economy and they're bringing that into the web3 world by tokenising it so holders, and users, can benefit. But to get those enterprise customers to participate they have to let them deal properly with their tax obligations which means being clear about who is benefiting. It's what makes Alkimi a sustainable billion-dollar business, not another Ponzi.