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When are the token unlocks?

The token was launched on August 26, 2020. The presale token unlocks were at 0/3/6 months as per the token primer which also lists the remaining unlocks.: link

How is ADS mined/the tokens distributed?

$ADS isn't mined. There is a total supply of 250M tokens and these will be distributed over time as per the whitepaper and token primer. There are a variety of unlocks based on time since launch (e.g. presales at 3/6 months, team at 2 years) and event-based (e.g. onboarding new customers when the network is live). So the circulating supply at a future point in time cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. AlEx isn't a scarcity coin like Bitcoin, it's a utility token so the interaction between supply and demand is based more on the latter and how active the exchange is used when it is launched.

See the short-form roadmap in the token primer here or in the Whitepaper for more detail: link