AlkimiCreating The Future of the Ad Funded Internet

We're on a mission to transform programmatic advertising. Our decentralised ad platform has been built to restore the value exchange for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

Ethereum Network

Alkimi Exchange is a custom layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, specifically for advertising.

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Tokenising Digital Advertising

Alkimi are pioneering tokenisation of the digital ad. Programmatic advertising, an industry worth $600+ billion, lacks transparency & audibility. Alkimi fixes this.

total transparencytransparency

We undergo financial audits for 100% of media spend. Our ad platform, built on blockchain technology, ensures that every transaction is independently validated and recorded on a transparent and immutable ledger – the Ads Explorer. This creates a trustworthy environment for both advertisers and publishers.

reduced feesreduce fees


We have streamlined the supply path between buyer and seller by eliminating unnecessary fees.

Alkimi Exchange, built on a blockchain, ensures that every transaction is validated by a distributed network of validators and recorded on the Ads Explorer.

With the lowest fees available in the market, we guarantee that more of your budget is spent on media.


Alkimi are cleaning up programmatic by drastically reducing energy consumption. Accelerating your path to net zero with the lowest emissions.

Proven ResultsTRACK

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Alkimi Exchange


Major SSP's


The results illustrate that Blockchain buying drove greater cost savings (& added value of impressions) while also improving the campaigns primary KPI (VCR).

212% Reduction In CPM

Alkimi achieved an extraordinary 212% reduction in cost of inventory for advertisers compared to industry leading Supply Side technologies. That's 3 ads for the price of 1.

19% Increase In Video Completion Rate (VCR)

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