Alkimi Exchange Announces NFT Rewards Collection AlEx The Alkimist (1)

Alkimi Exchange Announces NFT Rewards Collection: AlEx The Alkimist

 Nov 10, 2021

Staking $ADS Tokens, With the Potential To Win Exclusive Utility NFT

Alkimi Exchange today announced the upcoming launch of a unique and limited NFT Collection entitled ‘AlEx The Alkimist’. Individuals will have the opportunity to win a selection of NFTs from the collection, which offers utility and rewards for the holders staking $ADS tokens on the Lattice Exchange platform once staking commences at the end of the month.

AlEx The Alkimist

AlEx the Alkimist

AlEx knew he wasn’t a regular scientist; his classmates were always impressed by his ability to advertise his solution at the science fair. AlEx’s science career was short lived when he got sick of inefficient experiments; lack of transparent data and the exorbitant costs of running a lab.

AlEx could see from the data he was born to be an entrepreneur; so after carefully validating transparent sets of auditable data he created Alkimi and founded the Alkimi Exchange, and a community of Alkimists, just like himself, began to form.


NFT Eligibility

Individuals will be eligible to draw an NFT from a pool of 500 special NFTs when staking a minimum of 10,000 $ADS tokens on Lattice Exchange when staking opens on the 24th November.

xEach tranche of 10,000 $ADS staked unlocks one raffle ticket.

For Example,

50,000 $ADS tokens staked = 5 draws from the NFT pool

There are five types of NFT’s:

  1. Ultra-Rare

  2. Medium-Rare

  3. Rare

  4. Common

  5. Alkimi Community NFT

The Ultra-Rare, Medium-Rare, Rare and Common NFTs unlock additional deposit rewards as per the table below.

The Alkimi Community NFT will not come with a deposit reward, but does offer VIP benefits, such as early access to roadmaps, VIP Telegram and Discord Servers plus Alkimi swag.

Individuals staking less than 10,000 $ADS do not qualify for a NFT, but we already have ideas on how to reward them as well in the future.

Deposit Rewards

For Example,

10,000 $ADS tokens Staked + 40,000 $ADS Bonus with Ultra Rare NFT

= 50,000 $ADS + 5,000 $ADS APY

Total (after 12 months) = 55,000 $ADS (550% APY)

Example Explained,

If an individual was to stake 10,000 $ADS Tokens and then win an Ultra-Rare NFT, the 10,000 staked $ADS tokens will be locked for a minimum of three months after which they can be unstaked if the individual wishes to do so. The reward of 40,000 $ADS that come with the Ultra-Rare NFT would be locked for 12 months, at which point they can be withdrawn.

The Staking Pool

The staking pool will open on 24th November 2021 and closes 30 days later on the 24th December 2021.

Users can join the staking pool via Lattice Exchange ( where they can also find out additional details about the process of staking on Lattice.

The Bandwidth Pool is limited to 30,000,000 $ADS tokens and we will be offering a minimum 10% APY.

$ADS tokens staked in the Bandwidth Pool will be locked for a minimum of 3 months. There will be no cap on the individual staking limit.

The rewards pool for staking is 3,000,000 $ADS tokens, and the rewards will be divided by the number of staked tokens. If the pool is not full, these will be distributed pro rata to the pool.

The APY is non-linear and will increase over time; those staking for 12 months will achieve the maximum APY.

“We believe that NFT’s will provide utility which has not yet been fully realised by the advertising market, and this is the first step in raising awareness on the type of execution that will be available to users on Alkimi Exchange”

says Benjamin Putley, CEO & Co-Founder of Alkimi Exchange.

“We have already seen how useful the combination of digital asset marketing is successful, with use cases such as Fortnite Collaborations, and digital based advertising campaigns such as Balenciaga’s x The Simpsons can be used- this is just the beginning”.

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