DEEP DIVE with Chandru Unpacking Transaction Data

DEEP DIVE with Chandru: Unpacking Transaction Data

Feb 9, 2023

BY going live with ‘Ads on Labs’ we have demonstrated the following:

Alkimi Labs, as a publisher, has been integrated with Alkimi Ad Exchange using Alkimi’s prebid adapter which proves that the adapters are ready to be integrated with any publisher of choice.

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Alkimi Ad Exchange is compliant with IAB’s TCF framework which is essential for any integration with a publisher. IAB-compliant vendors can be found here:

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Ads on Labs’ uses Alkimi’s in-house bidders which send bid responses to bid requests from Alkimi Labs via Alkimi Exchange. This provides an end-to-end view of the real-time bidding process where Alkimi Exchange is able to integrate with both supply and demand side partners to facilitate the real-time rendering of ads to users.

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Alkimi Exchange validates the authenticity of all ad transactions using a custom consensus mechanism providing complete transparency and auditability

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Ad transaction data validated using this custom consensus mechanism is stored on a decentralised ledger and made available to the users via the ADS Explorer.

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This data is supported by a rich data set including log-level data stored off the chain.

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Hash values of off-chain data are captured on the ADS Explorer as part of the validation process. Alkimi’s partners (e.g. publishers, SSPs, DSPs, brands) can programmatically retrieve ad transactions related to them and verify the authenticity of these transactions by matching them against the hash values stored on the ledger.

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