The Importance of Web3 Communities in Business

The Importance of Web3 Communities in Business test

As blockchain technology gives rise to new web3 models, building thriving communities is proving more vital than ever for businesses looking to tap into decentralised networks.

At Alkimi, we recognise that whilst we operate within the AdTech industry, cultivating a robust web3 community is central to our success. As our  ad exchange is working to reform programmatic advertising using blockchain tech for greater transparency and fairness, engaging our decentralised network of enthusiastic supporters is vital to drive mainstream adoption.

QUICK RECAP: What is Web3?

Web3 refers to the next evolution of internet technology based on decentralisation principles. Instead of corporations controlling platforms, web3 uses blockchain to distribute power to regular users.

The Power of Web3 Communities

Engaged web3 communities drive awareness, adoption, and participation for platforms through member education, governance involvement, ecosystem growth, and more. They also provide invaluable connections to niche expert audiences from across blockchain, crypto, and sometimes mainstream consumer spaces.

For companies leveraging decentralised blockchain technology and web3 models, building strong communities is absolutely vital for growth and mainstream adoption.

Unlike traditional corporations, web3 projects require engaged network participants to function. Community members validate transactions, secure the infrastructure, spread awareness, contribute to governance decisions, and drive ecosystem expansion.

Web3 communities consist of the engaged individuals who actively participate across decentralised network platforms and support their growth.

Where Communities Add Value

In web3 models, platforms depend on vibrant communities to function:

  • Providing Security – Community members act as validators to secure infrastructure

  • Driving Innovation – Builders create apps and services expanding ecosystems

  • Furthering Adoption - Grassroots advocacy (spreads mainstream awareness

  • Guiding Governance - Users vote on policies and direction

Engaged communities drive awareness, adoption, and participation for platforms by helping to improve products with feedback, add more features based on needs, and onboard more people onto web3.

Unlike traditional corporations, web3 projects fundamentally require engaged network participants to function and gain traction...

The Rise of Web3 Community Roles

Recognising their importance, businesses are hiring "Community Managers" and "Discord Mods" specifically to curate web3 communities. These would have been foreign concepts 5 years ago!

But strong web3 communities enable success, so leaders to engage decentralised user bases are imperative.

The bottom line: Community transformation is web3 transformation. Companies embracing this user-run paradigm depend on engaged communities powering decentralised network growth through hands-on support.

Welcoming Alkimi’s New Chief Community Officer

Thomas Scovell

"Advertising needs a shake-up and Alkimi is the company to do it. After two decades in advertising, and two years with Alkimi as my side-gig, I’m excited to take on a full-time role with the company to help further its mission to transform the media landscape."

In light of the integral role the community plays, Alkimi is thrilled to announce Thomas Scovell as Chief Community Officer. With years advising Alkimi and over two decades in media and creative strategic roles, he will accelerate community growth.

Thomas brings deep expertise..., and aims to "10x" engagement through initiatives like governance expansion, Discord content, cross-community collaboration, co-created merchandising, and effective storytelling to new audiences.

His leadership presence supports Alkimi’s success in leveraging community for business transformation and ecosystem development powered by web3.

Community matters - especially for web3 organisations - and Alkimi is fully embracing its potential with Thomas at the helm.

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