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Alkimi Exchange


Alkimi Exchange (AlEx) is a decentralised ad exchange supporting the buying and selling of digital ads programmatically using a combination of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Open RTB, and Prebid.

The unique composition of Alkimi’s technology allows AlEx to take advantage of the transparency of the blockchain and cost savings afforded by using a decentralised network of node operators whilst being interoperable with the existing mechanism for purchasing ads online.


AlEx operates on Ethereum; our vertical app allows the buying and selling of programmatic ads. The Ads Explorer records all the validated transactions on the Alkimi distributed ledger.

  • Transparency of Transactions
  • Low Fees
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Yield for Token Holders providing bandwidth or liquidity


Fees are required to support the creation of a generative economic model to support the efficient and fair trading of ads online to support the ad-funded open web.

Advertisers - Pay fees when purchasing space to display their ads via Alkimi Exchange (AlEx)

Publishers - Pay fees to sell the space to display the ads via AlEx

Node Operators / LPs - hold $ADS tokens to collateralise a node to provide bandwidth or pool tokens to support the buying and selling of digital ads.

Fee Structure

Fees generated from the exchange will be distributed to token holders. The Fees incurred are as follows:

FormatFee (% of Gross Bid)
Rich Media5%
Connected TV8%

Advertisers, Publishers and Token Holders can access an exhaustive list of available ad formats supported by Alkimi’s Exchange, which are available from the IAB .