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Node Operation


The Alkimi Exchange (AlEx) uses a decentralised, trustless infrastructure of nodes. Nodes validate and notarise transactions on the distributed ledger.

Node operators provide transactional bandwidth within Alkimi’s ecosystem, facilitating the buying and selling of digital ads more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Those wishing to operate a node can acquire the requisite amount of $ADS and exchange it for one of 2 different types of Alkimi Node NFT. These Node NFTs are also redeemable for $ADS at any time.

Node Types

There are two types of Nodes.

  • Master Nodes 200k $ADS - validate Ad auctions (counted as four nodes for reward purposes)
  • Guardian Nodes 50k $ADS - verify the data from the master nodes and notarise them on the distributed ledger.

Estimated monthly cost, respectively:

  • Master Node: $100
  • Guardian Node: $100

Node operators are essential in supporting the proper functioning of Alkimi Exchange. Both the collateral required and the cost of the server instance may change as the network needs.


Alkimi Nodes operate in clusters to support the process required to run a programmatic ad auction and to provide additional security to the validation process.

We can broadly classify the Alkimi Node Cluster into two layers:

  1. Master Node layer
  2. Guardian Node layer

In addition to the above layers, Alkimi also operates the enterprise layer. This layer is responsible for all the ad operations of the product.

This layer is the interface to the supply and demand side, which results in generating impressions.

This layer also handles the onboarding of publishers and advertisers and ensures conformance to all industry standards and regulations.

Node Functions

The Master node layer validates the ad transactions. Node operators can operate a node in this layer by holding an Alkimi Master Node NFT.

The Guardian node layer is responsible for verifying the data from the Master node layer and notarising them on the distributed ledger.

Node operators can operate a node in this layer by holding an Alkimi Guardian Node NFT.

Node TypeRequired Number of Nodes per Cluster
Master Nodes4
Guardian Nodes4

Node Operators must mint and hold a NodeNFT as the digital receipt for their node type. The NodeNFT authorises the Node to operate as part of the network.